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At Dental Wellness of Bend, we incorporate holistic dentistry into everything we do. We understand that your oral health is strongly connected to your overall health, which is why we take both into consideration every step of the way. We consider the long-term effects of dental treatments, address underlying problems that may be causing current dental issues, and aim to provide non-invasive, conservative treatments whenever possible.

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What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry places an emphasis on more than just the health of your teeth and gums. It takes dentistry’s impact on your total body health into account as well. Most people don’t fully realize just how much the two are connected. Infections can enter the bloodstream through the mouth, and a vast majority of all systemic issues have oral symptoms. Heart problems, respiratory infections, and more have been linked to poor oral health.

The Relationship Between Your Oral & Overall Health

Research shows that there is a strong link between your oral health and your overall health. If both your teeth and gums are healthy, then you’re at a much lower risk for developing a variety of diseases and health conditions. Oral infections can spread through the bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout your entire body. Leaving dental problems, such as gum disease, untreated can have a serious effect on your overall well-being. Staying on top of your oral hygiene regimen and scheduling biannual trips to the dentist will help you maintain a healthy smile and body. Your six-month visits also give us a chance to catch any issues early on before they develop into more serious health problems.

Amalgam (Silver Filling) Removal

One of the key components of holistic dentistry is its use of biocompatible materials rather than potentially toxic, mercury-filled materials. At our office, we are 100% mercury-free and remove silver (amalgam) fillings to replace them with non-toxic composite resin. For the removal process, we utilize the SAFE amalgam removal technique, which is a set of guidelines that we follow during the removal process. These guidelines and our other precautionary measures are in place for your health and safety.

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